Amour de Rose Collection

Affordable Luxury Soaps

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Amour de Rose Collection

These are World-Class products - manufactured in the Provence region of France & yours at wholesale prices. Please enjoy the fantastic savings, and pass this along to your most deserving friends. 

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Rose scented products are this season's rage, and they're becoming more popular every day, both in Europe & America. 

We've created a wonderful collection - three of our most popular products; our luxurious Amour de Rose hand creme & a 200 gram bar of our Amour de Rose soap, both made with Shea Butter & organic Argan Oil. 

Also included is our most popular product to date... our Lychee Rose Eau de Parfum, which sells on Amazon for $29.  For a  limited time we're offering this marvelous collection - all three - for only $31.00.

You should order several, because gift-giving time is right around the corner, and there's something here for everyone.